In Greece the EFPT managed to get through the first single elimination in 4.7 conditions. Adam Sims tells us that "Davy Scheffers stole the show with the most impressive moves, huge air funnel into funnel\'s, big culos, flaka into shaka into flaka, he was on another level. Youp Schmit came in second and Andraz Zan in third. With the winds remaining the double elimination was started, however the wind became very fickle and heat 26 was run three times. Heat 27 began with myself in it, but time was running out and the wind also, so it was cancelled and yet again I am in another competition where I am to re-sail a heat. The day ended there and now we will kick off tomorrow at 9.30am local time."

There\'s a full selection of images over on the EFPT Facebook page and their full report from an action packed day one here. Also even more on facebook page.

We have been informed that daily videos will be produced and uploaded each morning so we will continue to post them over the weekend. For now one of our afternoon video comes from Francisco Goya, however you will have to head to his facebook page to watch it as it is a facebook video. Click here to check it out.

We do have a video for you to watch here though. If you missed our features, there is a great one from John Skye on getting out in waves, head high, logo high mast high, the tips are all in there. Here is the video from that very feature.

Finally, we finish today with this!!

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