UK representative, Adam Sims sent us this report from today at the EFPT Sigri event, including an official event video from yesterday (below).

"After a long day of competing we managed to finish both the double and another single elimination. Davy Scheffers again proved his dominance over the fleet by winning all his heats. One of the best comebacks of the day came from the Russian, Vladimir Yakovlev who sailed all the way back through the double to 5th place. Further impressive performances came from the young Jeremy Pluss who sailed his way back from last to 7th and I was also pretty stoked with my result as I managed to do the same as Pluss on the otherside of the draw, with one of my best heats against Tilo Eber. However, later in the day Tilo managed to take his revenge by defeating me in a very tight \'re-match\' heat in the second single.

All in all it was a really action packed day, I think one of the most impressive things I saw was Davy\'s e-slider into double puneta and Youp\'s super high konos. The level of freestyle windsurfing is really rocketing at the moment as the judges kept saying how a huge number of heats saw split decisions and really close calls. It\'s super exciting to watch and Konos, burners and culos were commonplace as everyone fought hard to work their way through the ranks. Tomorrow could well be light winds, so the results may stand as they are, however we will find out at 10.00 am when they plan to start us. As per usual I\'m in the first heat of the day as the attempt to run the second round of the second double elimination had to be cancelled on a very controversial decision. Soon I\'ll be nicknamed re-sail Sims as I rarely make my way through an elimination without having to re-sail at least one heat due to light winds..."

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More tomorrow, until then, here is the video from Day 1 (yesterday)...

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