EFPT Sigri came to its conclusion today. The winds were light and not even one rider tried to hit the water to make the competition run further. Our report from Adam Sims reveals more and in the meantime check out the videon from an action packed day two...

SigriSURF Sigri 3Style Area Cup, 2012, DAY 02 from SigriSURF on Vimeo.

"Yeh the winds were light today, but it was the perfect day to reflect upon another level of freestyle windsurfing. Double gozzadas, triple switch chachoos and spock culos were standard, as Youp and Davy fought for the number one spot yesterday. Really I was truly impressed at the level and I\'m looking forward to the next event already..."

Thanks to the European Fresstyle Windsurfing Association and Sigrisurf.com for making it happen.

We\'ll catch you tomorrow for more of our final reports.



See you there.....

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