Good morning all, we\'ve got a jam packed news update for you so sit back and enjoy all the action that is going on within the world of windsurfing.

We\'ll start with this video from the American Windsurfer of the Year - Bryan Metcalf Perez. The freestyler is absolutely ripping and not just on the water but also in the air and on rails, check it out.

Moving over to the social mediaosphere, there\'s plenty going on so we will post it in a slightly different format today.

Firstly, Mikey Clancy has been getting out for some great sessions over in Ireland at a spot called Low Rock. He has a great gallery online, which is certainly worth a peak at.

Next up, the National Windsurf Festival is pumping out the news and putting the pressure on for those last minute organisers. Tickets are still on sale to this cracking event where having fun is top of the priority list.

After his great success at the Olympics, Nick Dempsey hopped on the parade bus as it went through Weymouth and Portland, this nice picture from himself captures the action perfectly as huge crowds came out to cheer all the athletes on.

Not exactly on facebook, but it was found on there, this link tells the story of Bronze Olympic Medallist and Polish windsurfer, Zofia Noceti-Klepacka, who will be auctioning off her medal to help her neigbours 5-year-old daughter who suffers from cystic fibrosis. Click on the link to read more about it.

Here\'s a few shots from Diony Guadagnino who is currently travelling around Peru. Including an amusing one of squeezing more kit then seems possible on to a typical local taxi...

Back in the UK and Stefan Hilder has been smashing out the wave sessions, 4.2 and down the line joy. Sounds awesome. Keep an eye on the forecast as it looks like there are some awesome spots to head to today -

Sticking with UK riders, Will Rogers is probably the ultimate surfari goer. Check out his latest van trip action, with plenty of wind and more to come.

Some more EFPT Sigri news now and have posted this really nice interview with Davy Scheffers, highlighting what\'s cool about the Eurpean Freestyle Pro Tour and why it looks to be on a bit of a bounce back as the organisation show a strong motivation to push ahead. Whilst at Sigri, it looks like second placed Youp Schmit likes the location so much that he has extended his flight for what is a sick forecast ahead. For our Russian fans/readers, here is a report from the Russian styler Vladamir Yakovlev who seriously impressed with his comeback from last place to fifth in the double elimination, not busting out a huge number of power moves but sliding his way around double and triple combos on both tacks saw him dispatch of many competitors.

We will wrap up this morning with news from RRD. They\'ve official released all their new toys now and there is plenty to look at, so over the next few days we will bring you videos from their latest range. So, enjoy this one from the new Wave Vouge MKIV, introduced by John Skye.

We hope you enjoy a great day on the water and join us later for more...

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