This morning we posted about Bryan Metcalf Perez in the run for American Windsurfer of the Year. Well here is another clip for American Windsurfer of the Year, this time it\'s Tyson Poor. Also ripping and a well known name, he also has a lot of potential. Check it out.

On top of this we have a decent edit from Gustav Haggstrom and friend, Markus Rydberg. Check it out and certainly worth watching to the end as it picks up with some impressive/painful wipeouts!

We\'ve got a quick website update from Adam Sims about his time in Sigri competing at the EFPT event. If we are right, we believe that is his highest ranked position in an international event other than the tow in session in Sardinia last year. Check out the update with plenty of sweet pictures.

Finally, a video from the action sports realm. This is a pretty cool concept that could be copied in our sport. The MTB tail whip is a relatively easy move once mastered, much like the forward loop in windsurfing, perhaps a similar competition could be witnessed in windsurfing in the future...

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