We are going to start off today with news from Starboard. Head over to their website as they have released a whooping 84 new board shapes, including an inflatable windsurfer for beginners. Check out the complete collection by heading to www.star-board.com. We will also be bringing you some more of their Tiki documentaries that have made it to the web. Including this one of the Koster Kode, an awesome clip where you get the chance to find out more about this humble and quiet World Champion.

For our freestylers we have this short and simple clip of four freestyle moves from the brothers, Aris and Paulos Konstantinidis. Good for learning how to...

Not the only ones to be releasing new gear, RRD have also brought out a host of nice videos about their new toys. Check out some cool colourways and more in this clip of the shiny RRD Four MKII, introduced by John Skye.

The Bic Techno 293 Championships got underway recently and they\'ve released a video from the action on Day 2. So one for our racing friends, check this out.

Heading somewhere a little different now and the couple in this video have literally discovered paradise by the looks of it. A more lifestyle type video but still with some cool shots, check out this stunning windsurfing spot in Madagascar!

Now if you are a fan of Jason Polakow, probably the only guy around still charging the monster waves, looking for the biggest rides of his life and generally pumping his adrenaline to the max 24/7, then you will find the Polakow Stories an interesting read/watch on jp-australia.com. The images are outstanding!

Finally we wrap up with this new release from Fanatic. The Gecko. A wide, early planning board with an \'apparent\' volume bigger than it has.

Catch you later...

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