Good morning all, we hope you had a windy weekend and let\'s kick off with a few videos.

Kai Lenny is back in front of the spotlight when he met up with pro surfer, Jamie O\'Brien. Jamie absolutely kills it in the waves and it looks like he\'s pretty quick at picking up windsurfing as well. Although, even the most natural watermen still crash hard, check it out...

Sticking to American windsurfers, the AWT Tour stop in Pacasmayo is underway. Here are two little clips from the event already.

A final video for this morning comes from Pozo. Nine friends got together and ventured south to the crazy windy destination of the PWA Tour. If you are a fan of watching big crashes then this video has it all as the group train forwards, backloop and pushloops. That\'s not to say that there is some good moves in there still as well as the young Alessio Stillrich launching into an insanely high backloop!

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See you this afternoon for more...

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