Morning all. Today we kick off with a video out of Prasonisi. A few stylers from Austria were recently out on the island of Rhodes for two months and produced this cool clip from the super windy spot.

The second clip for today comes from Robby Swift and Heidi Clawson, who are already well known for their quality edits. Well this one certainly won\'t let you down. We\'ll also take this moment to let you know about Heidi\'s new facebook page for her fashion label Clhei. Click here to find out more.

If you missed the updates already, Will Rogers, the ultimate road-tripper and all round freestyle weapon has been on another of his adventures. You can find out weekly updates on the tushingham website -, currently just weeks 1 and 2 on there with week 3 coming shortly. There\'s plenty to follow so keep a close eye soon for part 3.

Whilst on Starboard/Tushingham here is a new Tiki Documentary to get excited about. Featuring the James hooper and the NuEvo.

Ok so you\'re a wave head or wanna be wave head? Then join Matt Pritchard in Punta San Carlos for a once* in a lifetime wave camp. Here\'s the \'dets\' from the man himself..

"Hey Future Wave Campers…..

You have thought about it and you have probably dreamt about it… Punta San Carlos - A fairy tail like wave riding arena that will boost your wavesailing level to new heights! Even if you have never been in the waves, this is THE PLACE to come! It is the perfect spot to hone in your skills, gather courage and build confidence to let you catch waves and ride them how they want to be ridden. My right hand man, Kevin McGillivray (K-Smac) and I have a program. We don\'t sit around and tell you to watch us rip waves all day, we start you off with a printed guide that we will go through daily to keep you on track. We video you out sailing. We take photos. We simulate on the beach, We study. We watch, you learn! Yes, you will get some free time to do your own thing, but only if you want to. We are at your disposal and hanging with you guys 24/7! Most camps end in tears as we all bond and don\'t want to leave….. but the beauty is that we can always come back! We would love to welcome you to the Pritchard Wave Camp, September 2012

Here are some information and testimonials"

...and here is another cool cut from the Pritchards.

* once... maybe twice, three times... you get the idea!

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