We\'ve got a great video to finish off the week with. This one features some of the most radical wave riders on the planet; Robby Swift, Jason Polakow and Felipe Wedeles. The boys are out in Chile tearing up Topocalma, a popular wave spot for Robby himself as he has a house near there. Check out all the action, including some amazing paddle in surfing on 25ft+ waves...

Aside from that we also have this one from the GoPro team. All we can say is "one hell of a stunt"!

Finally, it looks pretty windy in most popular windsurf spots over the weekend, so if you get a chance to capture some action be sure to send it in to news@boardseeker.com. If you don\'t get so lucky then check out this rather tantalising Boardseeker Babe - Bethany Marie-Mercer. If you missed it, we announced yesterday that the babes will be back and will bring you a new update on that very soon.

Enjoy your long weekend and we\'ll see you again on Tuesday for more windsurfing, action and rider updates!

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