Good morning all. It seems that the bank holiday weekend was favourable to many as the wind gods provided. Up and down the UK coastlines hundreds of windsurfers were spotted hitting the water, Allan Cross, NWF organiser even posted that he counted about 150 windsurfers out at Hayling Island on Saturday, obviously warming up for the forthcoming National Windsurfing Festival. In just 10 days the beach will be transformed to a playground for windsurfers, all the pros have booked their flights there and 100\'s of freeriders have already signed up. If you fancy getting involved in the most entertaining and enjoyable event of the year then head to and sign up right away.

Further afield Max Rowe and Andy \'Bubble\' Chambers have posted about an epic Vass session yesterday, it sounds like it went completely off! Both the top UK freestylers state that it was one of the windiest sessions they\'ve ever had in Vass and there were even small waves for backies and stalled forwards! Don\'t believe us... well check out the cover shot of Bubble bailing from a forward just metres from the beach, and if you like that shot then check out Globalshots facebook page for more.

Over in Alacati, Turkey, the PWA are underway and the first elimination for both the mens and womens fleets have come to a close. Karing Jaggi, took 1st place in the womens fleet and Ben van Der Steen won the mens. Full results here and head over to to follow the next elimination live, whilst there you can catch up on the action from day one.

Now for our AWSI Windsurfer of the Year special. The voting is closed now so while the votes get counted let\'s run back through the potential candidates.

Levi Siver

Kai Lenny

Phil Soltysiak

Bernd Roediger

Fiona Wylde

Tyson Poor

Bryan Metcalf Perez

Marcilio Browne

Camilie Juban

That\'s about it for this morning, we\'ll catch you this afternoon for a round up from the PWA slalom and more...

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