Today we are going to kick off with a bit of an old edit, but a quality one nonetheless. This one from Josh Willmot features Team Fanatic in Brazil and we are using to highlight the new and upcoming video project from the Andre Paskowski and Gollito Estredo duo. The idea behind it is to show Gollito\'s life at home, his travels and competition. The name is RAW and you can find out plenty more by following their facebook page. All we can say is if this is the action we saw from Gollito last year, what can we expect this year!

Yes we are celebrating a little here! National Windsurfing Festival in just one week! Get your last minute tickets here -

There will be very much the large majority of the UK windsurfing industry there including all the boys from Club Vass who are having a lovely old time with plenty of wind. Just check out Bubble\'s latest screen grab on his twitter!

Now for some more current news, the PWA World Tour in Turkey is currently on day 5 and elimination number 7 is underway. Looks like the wind kicked in a little later today, so instead of waiting to bring you the latest result will let you find out by following it all live over on Check out our headline image of the day, the moment where Josh Angulo and Bjorn Dunkerbeck collided yesterday during the last heats.

Some pretty exciting news from those awaiting the Red Bull Storm Chase. It looks like we may just get the green light in under 10 hours for all the riders to drop everything and make their way to Tasmania. Find out more on the facebook page and keep a close eye here as we bring you all the inside scoop from the event should it go ahead. If your thinking that this is just a group of pros heading out in their usual surf, the conditions they dream of, you may want to think again as not all of them agree on that, just check out the video below.