Welcome back for more exciting windsurfing news, videos and gossip.

Kicking off today we have an edit from Fuerteventura. The Russian freestyler Rasmus Ă˜gelund and a few friends show a decent level of moves during their visit this winter. No doubt we can expect af ew more summer edits from Fuerteventura and similar locations in the next two or three weeks.

Next up Dave White gives us some finer details about the RRD Firemove. A popular board in the RRD range he shows how it is great as an all round weapon and \'very very durable\'. An amusing edit and some impressive \'old skool\' carving freestyle moves from the man himself.

Another from the Windmeet team after a great forecast at their local spot of Gruissan. This will also be the near the spot of the next EFPT event, talking of which we are hearing big rumours of a potential new stop on the EFPT calendar this year.

Whilst we are on calendars, the next big event you should be signing up for is of course the National Windsurf Festival. Over 300 have already registered and there is just hours left to get your pre-entry in, so head over to nationalwindsurfingfestival.com to find out all you need to know.

After that, on the UK calendar, should have been the Poole Windfest, however there is sad news that comes in the 11th hour. The local council could not provide the necessary permissions and despite strong ticket sales the event has had to be cancelled. We don\'t know how this affects the UKWA windsurfing movements but we are sure to hear news soon.

Talking of cancellations the PWA have announced that the final stop on the tour which was to be Vietnam will now be Sylt. This makes for an exciting finale where the PWA World Champions in Freestyle, Waves and Slalom will be announced. Bring on Klitmoller!

Finally for this morning is this awesome time lapse edit, we couldn\'t resist.

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