We\'ve got a few action packed videos for you this morning, so let\'s jump right in.

The first comes from the tallest wave sailor on the tour, Martin ten Hoeve, who stands at a massive 2.05m tall and weighs 98kg. No doubt many would suggest that he has the build of a slalom sailor but just watch this video!

This next video shows yet more epic action, this time from Pozo\'s next generation of young windsurfers. Outstanding moves!

From waves to flatwater now and we have a clip from two greek twins who are both sailing extremly well.

Whilst on videos we have plenty of news about that very topic. The first is a video contest, hosted by EFE and with one month to go they are welcoming all entries. There\'s plenty of awesome prizes up for grabs, find out more by heading to efe-sixfours.com.

The second video related snippet comes from BJ Productions who announced just yesterday that another clip is in the pipeline, featuring Alex Mussolini in Tenerife. As with all BJ Productions, we can expect a nice high quality edit and epic action! Check out our headline image for a sneak peak and head over to facebook to like and follow BJ\'s page.

To wrap up for this morning, many will be flocking to NWF this weekend, however for those that don\'t are into speed sailing, then Ireland will be hosting its championships. To find out more click here.

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