Good morning all, welcome back to yet more windsurfing action.

With the announcement that Poole Windfest has to be sadly cancelled this year due to permissions that were not given by the local council we highlighted that the UKWA haven\'t closed the door on their movements. Well Trevor Funnell has been in touch regarding the fifth UKWA Freestyle stop with the following news - "You may have heard that Windfest Re-tuned at Pylewell has been just been cancelled, this means we have had to find a new venue for Tour Event 5 at short notice. Simon Bassett at 2XS has very kindly agreed to accommodate us at West Wittering but we have had to change the dates to 22/23 September to fit in with the tides. Simon assures me that the famous “Wittering Trench" should be working and will provide perfect flat water freestyle conditions for our first time at this new venue. Unfortunately there is no camping or overnight parking allowed on site but there is ample accommodation available in the area, go to and click on “Club" then “WWWC Information" for details". So for our freestyle elite, all is not lost as it seems that one of the best locations in the country for freestyle will be light up with moves from the likes of Adam Sims, Andy \'Bubble\' Chambers, Max Rowe, Jamie Drummond, Oscar Carmichael and many more.

More pressing news is that of the NWF which kicks off tomorrow! If some crazy reason you can\'t make the event then there is always the chance to follow it live on or even better, right her on Boardseeker, just click here.

Time for our first video, none other than Mission XL, a similar event to NWF but held at Brouwersdam in Holland. Check out this sneak preview of what it is all about.

Heading further north and into the waves here is a great edit from Don Martin who captured Klaas Voget and Martin Haglev sailing the first big swell to hit Norway this season. A great time to be on Europe\'s Atlantic coast right now as the fronts begin to hit with storm force.

Tow-in freestyle is certainly growing and a lot of people are beginning to practice the discipline. It\'s even taking off in Czech Republic. Check it out (cringe worthy pun, apologies).

Finally, we could well see some tow-in at this weekends NWF, if not then there will certainly be a bit of this going on...

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