Good morning all. Well it would be rude not to post anything up above the National Windsurfing Festival. Firstly, the event was suitably re-branded as the National Watersports Festival this year, with plenty more going on then the windsurfing. However, true to the sport the focus remained on the windsurfing and the head organiser Allan Cross put together a fantastic weekend for hundreds of windsurfers, stand up paddle boarders, kitesurfers and literally thousands of spectators. All who attended were treated with plenty of fun racing in the lighter winds, as well as two great party nights and not to forget the impressive night tow-in freestyle action. We\'ll bring you plenty of news, reports and coverage about the event, over the next few days, so stay tuned. In the meantime check out this first one on our sister site

Someone who was there at the NWF was Timo Mullen. The Irish wave sailor is well known for his travels and it looks like he scored in Maui a few months ago. This video that has finally made it to air was back when Timo was out there testing the gear. The edit comes from his brother Tam and is certainly packed with plenty of awesome action.

BJ Productions has come out with another cracker for our screens! After pieceing together a number of outstanding cuts featuring the likes of UK riders Adam Lewis and Adam Sims, this next epic edit features Alex Mussolini who really showed his colours at this years PWA tour stops in the Canaries. Passing through a massive amount of heats by flying through countless 360\'s both backside and frontside as well as boosting huge backloops and stalled forwards, you can expect nothing less in this clip. Editors note - check the shot at 1.46 minutes, just amazing!

Now if it\'s windsurfing girls that float your boat, then your boat is about to become very floaty, this edit from Shawna Cropas shows the very delightful JP girls in action. Featuring Shawna Cropas, Olya Raskina and Maxime VanGent.

Our final video comes from a windsurfing ramp test. Windsurf ramps have been around for quite a while and there are quite a few \'home-made\' versions out there, all with different concepts, this one however, seems to have probably one of the most promising of them all. You can find out plenty more about the idea on their facebook page by clicking here and check out their first trailer clip. It appears to work perfectly!

That\'s about it for this morning but we will be back with plenty more soon.

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