This morning we have yet more video action, so plug in those headphones and enjoy.

Before we dive into the videos there\'s news from the AWT that their next stop is about to get underway in Cape Hatteras. We\'ll do our best to keep you linked in with all the latest updates from the event as it happens, meanwhile you can head on over to

Whilst we are on tours, if you had missed it already it looks like the EFPT is expanding again this year after some unfortunate circumstances last year. They now have a final confirmed stop of the tour in the UK. The stop will be held in Weymouth between the 3-6th November. We\'ve had some inside news from the organisers that there will be plenty of action including some night tow-in from the best freestyle windsurfers in Europe. Just check out the current level in this clip from Julien Mas and more about the EFPT on their website.

Whilst on freestyle and the UK event, here is one young chap we\'d love to see compete. Prepare to get completely jealous as he practices for many weeks a year at his second home in Bonaire. It looks like this summer has paid off as he is pushing out the power moves in the classic light winds of the ABC Islands. Over to Nic Hibdige

So many updates from the UK riders about NWF it is hard to keep up, but here is one from John Skye and plenty more on twitter and facebook. Talking of which, it looks like NWF presenters and Club Vass boys Max Rowe, Colin \'Whippy\' Dixon and Andy \'Bubble\' Chambers had a killer warm up session for the UKWA freestyle event at West Witterings yesterday, plenty of epic photos according to Bubble.

On to some waves now and time for some big moves, over to Victor Fernandez.

Finally, we have the C of the ABC Islands we mentioned now, let\'s head on over to Curaco to see what the local rippers there have been up to.

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