Ourinitial afternoon video comes from Davy Scheffers who re-released this edit from Brazil way back in November with a few additions, check out the unbelievable level of the guy who is currently leading the European Freestyle Pro Tour.

If your in to features then your in luck, we\'ve just released our bumper magazine for this week and it\'s packed full of interesting stuff, just check the homepage for all the latest that\'s in the magazine. If you aren\'t signed up to receive it each week then make sure you get your email address in there and you won\'t miss a thing.

Also we\'ve heard down the grape vine that Steve Thorp is off on one of his missions up to Thurso again. We are pretty excited to see the outcome and will keep you updated on the conditions and if he scores this rare bit outstanding spot.

The closing video for today comes from the bike scene.

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