Good Morning all, it\'s PWA week. Over in Klitmoeller it\'s game on for the next stop of the PWA Wave Tour. The battle is set to be fierce as Koester leads the charge, but with Victor Fernandez and Alex Mussolini snapping at his heels there could still be an upset in the ranks. Check out the full event preview here and head over to our sister site ( to follow all the live action. Here\'s some video action to give you an idea of just what we could expect...

More wave action and Dan Gardner features in this clip throwing all kinds of spray.

Over to freestyle now and as we mentioned in previous updates the EFPT\'s next stop will be in France. Some horribly unfortunate news comes from there as this next video features Nico Akgazciyan enjoing his last months. With his heart set to achieve a great result on the PWA tour this year and a couple weeks booked to go to Pozo in anticipation of the PWA Sylt event, it seems news just in is that he has somehow broken his ankle and will be out of action for the early part of the winter. We wish him a speedy recovery and hope he will use the time to come back even stronger.

Over to our favourite rapper from Italy, Mattia Pedrani who has come up with this little number called the Sultanate of Freestyle after visiting Oman for what looks like great conditions. Let\'s be honest, he may be a tall guy and you might not be into his rap but he certainly has all the moves and a powerful style to match.

A bit of an event update today as we highlight the student season that is about to begin. With Aussie Kiss, the first stop in their calendar, just around the corner we can expect all the usual antics and judging by their facebook page they\'ve gone and upscaled another time! A huge brand presence, stalls, bands, everything will be there. Check it all out here. Also news just in is that have jumped on the twitter bus and you can now follow them by punching in @StudentWindsurfing.

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