Welcome back and we jump straight into the PWA that currently reamins on standby in hope of better conditions. After the stop start day yesterday but with many completed heats the organisers will be keen to see the end of the single and provide another result to the tour. You cen check the full report from action on day one here.

Our first video from this morning comes from the Tiree Wave Classic, probably a favourite on the lists of many UK pros, this location has the ability to supply conditions that you rarely see in competition.

Whilst in Scotland, we hope you are ready for this weekend, because if you aren\'t heading south to the UKWA Freestyle tour stop #5 then this is certainly where you should be - scottishwindfest.com

And sticking to events and event previews, one for our international stylers and UK stylers alike. This short and sweet invite to the EFE organised EFPT event in south France and don\'t forge the follow up event right after in the UK (3-6th November). All you need to know for now on www.efpt.net

Sticking very European and this next short video comes from the UK\'s very own Max Rowe whils ton travels through the Spanish and French coastline. Some sick action so certainly worth a watch.

Now after the European stages of the PWA and EFPT many will be choosing their winter training grounds, well no doubt Brazil will be on the cards. Here is an outstanding video pieced together by Romain Pinocheau, the action is thick and fast and he visits quite a few different spots on his travels. Based in Sao Miguel de Gostoso he shows a freestyle area that is not visited so much. We also noticed that he is perhaps the master of the all new one footed kono... Check out the sick action...

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