Over to the PWA Cold Hawaii event in Klitmoeller now and the single came to an exciting close this morning. Thomas Traversa seems to be going from strength to strength as he knocked out Philip Koester and Victor Fernandez in man on man heats to take the win, whilst Fernandez had to settle for second and in the losers final Koester was again defeated, this time by Ricardo Campello who now takes third place. However, not all is lost for the wunderkid as the double kicks off right away and he\'s hungry! No round-ups or reports from today as yet but a nice one from yesterday over on pwaworldtour.com and a highlight video below.

In other Windsurfing Tour news, the AWT in Hatteras came to a close a couple days ago and Camille Juban took the top spot in what almost ended up being a no wind event. The full report here and a nice round up video below.

If it\'s flat water and warm weather you are keen on then this next clip should be right up your street. Windsurfing with Dolphins! You just can\'t help but smile when you watch it.

Or how about some big grunty down the line full power action. This has it all in the Ravine Blanche by BWR Productions.

Finally, looking around the social media sites quite a few people are calling for Ben Proffitt to jump back on the LiveStream over at the current PWA event in Denmark. We are going to stay on the fence with this one but check out this next video, the man himself going for a clew first pushloop! You think it\'s possible? Discuss in our forum.

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