A quick look at the highlights from yesterday\'s PWA event and then over to our first video. Here is the official PWA report, a nice write up about a day full of action. We will bring you the videos as soon as they are released.

The first comes from Davy Scheffers who is currently leading the European Freestyle Pro Tour and he looks like he is in devistating shape for PWA Sylt, with a whole host of big air combo moves!

On the social media website that is facebook, Andre Paskowski has announced that their next new project fro Gollito now has a name - Rewarded. Let us know your thoughts on the forum. It seems inspiration came from a poster on the wall in a cafe they found themselves in. Whatever it is, you can be sure that it will have absolutely outstanding action in!

On UK shores, Steve Thorp managed his road trip to Orkney, you can check out a video from that as well as more details about the trip in this feature. Also you\'ll find a few bonus photos over on the K4 Harness mount facebook page - what an awesome angle! Thorpy also states that Orkney has become his new favourite place in that feature!

If you didn\'t quite catch it yesterday then here is a cool look at the PWA Judging system. For the first time ever we have enjoyed being able to see what the judges score as it happens, making each and every heat more and more nerve racking as you reach that final minute. Looking at the forecast we could be game on again tomorrow so be sure to check it out for yourself on the PWA Live page.

Next up a 10 year old girl ripping the shores of Hawaii, awesome to see!

Fianlly, not the longest clip in the world but whilst we are on the massive road trip theme, here is Dorian Konrad in Denmark. With two other friends, these guys drove about 1,500km from their home town in Vienna, Austria just for a chance of wind and swell. Anyone else planning a bigger road trip, then let us know about it.

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