Good Morning all. To kick things off we have the day 3 highlights for you from the PWA Cold Hawaii tour stop, a great performance by all including a never before seen move by Koester. Well not quite landed but still impressive as it is. Check it out below and stay tuned for the day 4 final highlights.

Over to National wave tours and the latest to jump on board with their own championships is Latvia. Being setup as an on-forecast style event, they will hold their competition on the first windiest day in September to October. There\'s a small prize pot as well so could be worth signing up to. Find out more on the event poster - here.

So it\'s not all about PWA action here at Boardseeker, we also like to see the seeds of the future and this young Greek rider seems to have his sights set. After travelling hundreds of miles by car and ferry he arrived at Naxos Lagoon and produced this little clip. Introducing Phivos Tsoupras.

Stepping up the level and starting to appear in the scene a little, another young styler, Tim Ruyssenaars. With a nice style to his moves and some slick spock culos he\'s certainly not wasting his time in learning new moves.

On to a couple upcoming windsurfing festivals. The first kicks off today - Scottish Windfest, and after last year it is set to be even bigger with more sports involved, two party nights and some groovy bands. It\'s not too late to head there, so find out more at

On the Student scene, things are really heating up as people sign up to the first event of the season - Aussie Kiss. In it\'s 11th year the event continues to grow from strength to strength and this year is no exception. Just check out the event preview and how to sign up by clicking on

Finally we finish with one very classy website and a very classy video.

The website, has been given a facelift and also has some pretty amusing shots of PWA rider Danny Bruch on there...

The video, comes from RedBull, we just couldn\'t wait until this afternoon to release this. Certainly one for the photographers out there, just check out the snaps at the end of it!