Welcome back to our short and sweet afternoon post. Because of the slightly different video we gave you this morning we\'ve got two awesome windsurfing ones for you this afternoon.

How\'s this for an event video - NWF 2012, the official highlights from the Live Stream crew with the voice of Club Vass Allstars, Colin \'Whippy\' Dixon and Max Rowe.

On the PWA front it\'s the final video from the Koester vs Traversa battle in Klitmoeller.

That\'s it for this week, be sure to head on down to West Witterings this weekend to check out the UKWA Freestylers in action, it\'s set to be a big one with the likes of 2011 UK Champion Adam Sims, multiple times UK Champion Andy \'Bubble\' Chambers, PWA stars Max Rowe, Jamie Drummond, Phil Richards and ripping rookie Oscar Carmichael all aiming for the top spot. If that doesn\'t float your boat then Scottish Windfest is underway way up north - www.scottishwindfest.com

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