As the weekend draws to a close the PWA in Sylt opens it doors to the best windsurfers the world can throw at this small island in the north. Packed with up to 200,000 visitors over the 10 days, the event is at an all time high, so expect nothing less than big upsets and outstanding moments to go down in the history books of windsurfing. The forecast is epic, the PWA are ready to go and one name unexpected name has appeared on the starting list - Josh Angulo. Announcing his retirement from waves in 2009 he just couldn\'t resist the chance to jump on a wave board, check out this cool interview with the man himself.

Amongst the UK riders, there seems to be quite the crew there this year; Ben Proffitt, Ross Williams, John Skye, Robby Swift, Jamie Hancock, Phil Horrocks, Adam Lewis, Andy \'Bubble\' Chambers, and Max Rowe. Hoping to be the top of the Brits they will all fight it out to get as high up the ranks as possible to be in a good position for next year.

One person who won\'t need to do any fighting is the super talent that is Philip Koester. Already making headlines in German national press the wave sailor is now on to advertising for VW Beetle. Check out this humorous commercial, you can start to feel the impacts that this guy is having...

Further afield, the Wesh Centre have announced a holding period for their event the King of the Wesh. All disciplines seem to be covered and just check out that f-ing massive kicker! There\'s got to be something in the snails that these guys are eating down there, however, if that is what turns you on then head on down to this open invite contest, free entry so free use of the kicker... more on

Wondering what our headline image is about, well click here to be taken to for a super nice interview with Tonky Frans, including some amazing tow-in windsurfing images.

Our next video shows Ireland going off again, well into the stormy season the coast gets battered by countless swells and strong winds. Certainly a good time to head to this beautiful country.

Further south, on Gran Canaria, Nayra Alonso is gutted to be missing out on PWA Sylt, but with a baby due very soon she has good reason to be staying at home, meanwhile John Skye will be taking care of the day job.

Finally this little number to wrap up the mornings news.

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