A cool clip for you this afternoon, top PWA wave guy and top PWA wave girl meet up to discuss how to do the Goiter. A rare insight into the minds of the best in the world, enjoy...

Another cool thing, no introduction needed, just enjoy the discovery - www.wisuki.com

This just keeps getting cooler, this time literally, a few European windsurfers have sacked in the opportunities of competing in Sylt in search of adventure. Where? Iceland of all places. Cold but stunning, we can\'t wait to see more, for now a quick update from Andraz Zan here.

The last snippet, top PWA star, Ricardo meets top Football star, Ronaldo - click here for the evidence.

Finally, this looks like it is going to be insane!

Have a good weekend and check out the wind that is about to hit Europe. Mega! www.bigsalty.co.uk

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