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Kicking off today we are sticking with the PWA. Currently the final event of the tour and just heading in to the 4th day we have already seen a single elimination in men\'s waves, men\'s freestyle, women\'s waves and the double has started for both the men\'s wave and freestyle. Today however, the winds are a little lighter so it is over to the slalom guys who have a hell of a battle for the world title. The excitment kicks off soon so make sure you tune in live over on our sister site -

With a lack of round up videos we\'ve got plenty others for you including this really nice edit that just makes you want to hit the water with Markus Rydberg and Gustav Haggstrom literally playing in their backyard. We really like how they filmed in such great light, check it out!

Whilst we are north, a few select European riders including Tom Hartmann, Andraz Zan, Amanda Beenen and the mind behind Gaining Grounds Manuel Graefenur are currently road tripping Iceland of all places. A seriously cool adventure, take a look at some of the snaps so far - here.

Back to warmer climes and here is a video from Victor Fernandez, being dubbed as the tiger in the waves...

Up next, freestyle at Brouwersdam, becoming a bit of a super-freestyle spot, the location is churning out some epic talents. Just check out this clip that mixes up tow-in with normal windsurfing.

Our last video of this morning comes from Youp Schmit, the young dutch sailor who spends a lot of time in Bonaire is maing a serious impact on the PWA Tour at the moment with his powerful style. Now with this video, he shows that he is currently on devistating form!

We\'ll leave it there for this morning and be back later today with some more sweet video action and news from the world of windsurfing.

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