Well there seems to be a slower start to the action today on Sylt, however, with 5 full days out of 5, we hardly have reason to complain. So a quick run down of the title races. Within freestyle, Jose \'Gollito\' Estredo has been killing it on the water with gravity defying moves and consistency that is unrivaled, it would take a lot to throw him from the top spot for 2012 so it would almost be fair to say that he is the new World Champion. Within waves the Moreno twins saw a close battle as Daida fought for her last chance to hold on to her consistent reign as female World Wave Champion. However, Iballa put the work in early and secured the victory as her own, certainly a long time coming! In the men\'s waves Philip Koester once again stole the show and as a result takes his second world title. The German Wunderkind goes from strength as he shows that nailing perfect doubles and one handed one footed backies are the keys to success, not to mention his outstanding wave rides. Finally the mens slalom is the only area where there is still a high chance that it could swing from one man to the other, in particular, Antoine Albeau and Bjorn Dunkerbeck. It would be fair to say that Albeau is now the closer of the two to be within touching distance, however, it will only take 5 more races for chances to be even again. With the forecast as it is, the chances of this are very high.

So on the PWA World Tour, it is all to play for in the Slalom and it is no sealed deal within some of the other disciplines, so expect continous action over on pwaworldtour.com and follow it all live on boards.co.uk.

For our first video we go from the here and now right back to the early days. Robby Naish continues to be a legend within the sport and here are some of the days where he really reigned supreme.

Next up, Nick Dempsey swung by the recent National Windsurfing Festival on Hayling Island last month. The team behind the live-stream have just finished producing this clip where you get to find out a little more about our Olympic silver medallist.

In fear of re-visiting too much here is an epic clip from Andre Paskowski - Can this be real. Taken from his filming of Minds Wide Open, he jumped in the heli and got Koester to do his magic. Well now with that over he moved on to creating some quality web-clips. Coming up very soon is the film Rewarded, a humble look into Gollito\'s life from day one to being crowned as multiple times World Champion. Alongside this will be a closer look into the man behind the lens - Andre Paskowski with a more personal touch, we are promised a detailed account of what filming means to him and the life he now lives. Very likely to be the two biggest web-clips this year!

This next video is a dangerous move we know, but famed as a windsurfing spot, we can look past those that hang on strings and see an amazing story about an equally amazing place - the birth and discovery of One Eye in Mauritius. Well filmed and nice story from the local land owner, it certainly is worth a watch, plus we also know plenty of hot windsurfing talents who head there.

That\'s it on the video front this morning but we have saved the best news till last. Boards Winter Annual is out very very soon. For now head over to their facebook page to see the sweet front cover and contents page.

We\'ll see you back here this afternoon.

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