The forecasts have remained true throughout the week for the PWA world tour wavesailing competition at Guincho. It has been Hot and Sunny and not really enough on anyone day to start a round. The event has been really unlucky, although Guincho can go for a few days without wind as the cycle stops and restarts, it is unusual to go for 8 full days.

If you are optimistic, then maybe there will be enough wind on Sunday. It will be last minute stuff since the wind is not forecast to kick in till about 4pm, then it will probably build in usual Guincho style. The first round could well be 5.7 marginal weather and the final nuking, it so hard to tell. It takes about 5 hours to get one round done so the PWA will be working at its max to ensure a competition. Keep your eyes peeled here for updates.

Photo Credit: PWA/Carter