After this morning, we\'ve got yet more from PWA Sylt due to such an action packed final 24 hours. This short and exciting video was produced as a highlight clip to the amazing night windsurf jump session. Ricardo Campello stole the show in the end with outstanding double forwards on both tacks! Check out all the action below.

Our next video is certainly one that has been building up a lot of excitment. Andre Paskowski has been busy producing two free web videos for us to enjoy, the first will be about himself, a short video about his dreams and what filming means to him, the second will be a full 20 minute short that shows the life of Gollito from his childhood until the present day. Both are filmed, cut and edited to the highest level with the best cameras in the business and an experienced team. Nonetheless, these are free clips with a lot of self-investment for your viewing pleasure so if you like what you see and feel inclined to donate, then head over to the following link.


Check out the epic trailer here.

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