Welcome back, we\'ve got plenty more videos for today and some other snippets along the way.

First up, some more news from the Jaguar Neilpryde racing series. Actually just more pictures, the news remains the same from 10 days ago or so but some really nice shots have come out. Check out the round up here.

On UK shores, Jem Hall reports from his epic summer of clinics and an awesome Autumn. A nice full report with a few snaps thrown in to the mix, check that out here. If you are interested in joining Jem on a clinic then head over to jemhall.com and have a browse around the possible options for next year. The clinics always sell out fast so be sure to contact him sooner rather than later.

Sticking to UK riders a huge congratulations from all of us at Boardseeker to our international riders who all put in a great performance on the PWA Tour this year. It\'s hard to pick out some of the highlights but here are a few. Ross Williams is right up the top with his outstanding performance in both Slalom and Waves at Sylt, returning home with his highest ever positions on a PWA competition on not one but two disciplines is impressive. Also becoming the highest ranked Brit on the tour this year, he certainly shines under pressure. Not far behind, Robby Swift has impressed in the waves and showed some serious moves in Pozo, which put the fear in to a lot of competitors for the rest of the tour. Adam Lewis is now the UK\'s very own comeback king, blasting back through the double elimination in both Tenerife and Sylt he finished 13th overall on the tour and left his mark with highest scoring wave rides and a style that is almost unmatched! John Skye also made the top 16 with solid results in Tenerife and Klitmoeller, he shows he still has what it takes, no doubt next year training will begin for the new addition to the Skye/Nayra family... Just outside the top 16 but all tied in 18th was Phil Horrocks, Ben Proffitt and Jamie Hancock, all proving that the UK has some of the best wave sailors in the world, and no doubt this won\'t stop them charging for next year. Also how can we forget Andy \'Bubble\' Chambers\' first appearance in waves, with a respectable result in Sylt, we are looking forward to seeing more of him in the coming years.

Within freestyle, Andy \'Bubble\' Chambers still remains top of the Brits in 14th place, but only just, Max Rowe is snapping at his feet in 15th, both sailed some impressive heats with Bubble landing an amazing spock culo in Fuerteventura. Further down the rankings Adam Sims, Jamie Drummond and Phil Richards all made guest appearances on the tour this year and we hope to see more from them next year. In the girls, Danielle Lucas lead the charge for team GB and now sits in 7th overall.

With that much potential and some newcomers thrown in to the mix, we could well see more of the UK\'s finest breaking into the top 10 next year!

First video for the day, Aleix Sanllehy in Pozo.

Straight up next is Erik Hakmann from Sweden freestyling at one of his local spots.

Ok this does including a bit of kitesurfing but there is also windsurfing in there. Check out Robby Naish and co.

Finally, a man is about to jump from space to Earth! What\'s more is that he is going to be doing it LIVE on the internet. Introducing the Red Bull Stratos jump - www.redbullstratos.com/live

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