In Sylt it was Antoine Albeau who eventually won that nail biting show down for the 2012 PWA World Tour title. His fortune in the last races allowed him to slip into that top spot. Well the highlights are now out from the Slalom side of the World Tour, check them out below...

An interesting one now. Ever fancied your chances at a starring competition with Kauli Seadi... Have a go and see who smiles first.

Actually, we quite like the principles behind Thorsten Indra\'s ideas with this:

"While doing a photo shoot with a few professional watermen in Maui/ Hawaii, I wanted to approach things a little differently:

I wanted to give the viewer a bit of a living insight into their faces - for 59 seconds.

These videos are still portraits in a way - yet in motion and also interactive.

Why 59 seconds? To underscore that while they are certainly long enough to get a good and interesting impression about them, this slice is just as certainly incomplete and can\'t show it all. It is a facet and only can capture the mood and situation of those seconds on that day."

Apparently there are six clips in total, featuring some very well known names - Kauli Seadi, Jason Polakow, Ricardo Campello, Robby Swift, Keahi Aboitiz and Andy Chambers.

Ok we were going to call it a wrap there but we just can\'t resist the sheer cool factor of this. Ever fancied a road bike party...

Yes, that is a £10k road bike!

One last thing. If you missed it this morning, both pre-entry and the opportunity to buy your party tickets, for the first every stop of the European Freestyle Pro Tour in the UK, is online. The dates 3-6th November, entry for guys and girls and plenty of freebies by the looks of things. Check it all out on -

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