This morning we\'ve yet more videos, plenty of news snippets and an outstanding clip from Swift.

Firstly, we take a look at last years Student Freestyle Champion from the UK. Well actually, he is from Italy but he won the SWA Freestyle Tour and now he has a new video from his travels. Check out Nicola Terenzi styling it up in storm conditions.

A past UK Student Freestyle Champion has had this nice interview put together over on, check it out here, including a few outstanding photos! This also comes with news that Adam Sims has officially signed to Sailloft Hamburg. Probably the first move of the \'transfer\' season, no doubt we can expect a few more over the next months.

Back to Weymouth Speed Week and it looks like yesterday provided the first dry day with yet more wind. Check out Dave White\'s photo gallery on facebook, including a \'what is that?!\' vessel and look into some of RRD\'s larger sails. Looking at the leaderboard it appears as though a Sweden vs England battle is brewing, with Ant Baker at the top yesterday, he has now slipped into second as Daniel Borgelind produced a run of 32.425 knots. Just behind these two is none other than Kevin Greenslade, who helped establish the OTC in Weymouth. Check out the full results here.

Before we leave the UK and head over to Klitmoeller, take a look at who is making headlines before the Tiree Wave Classic begins.

So on to the second to last PWA event of the year, where media is still being released. Here is a clip from City Lift, who sponsored part of the event.

Now we\'ve got a clip that is just one of those ones you have to share! An epic cut from Robby Swift featuring team Mystic! We like it so much you\'ll find it on our facebook page, where you can like/share the social media out of it.

That\'s about it for this morning, we\'ll come back to you this afternoon with more...

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