Today is filled with news of new champions and world records.

First we start with the freestylers. Over in Holland, Dieter Van der Eyken became the 2012 Dutch Freestyle Champion. Considering the level of talent around those shores that is an outstanding achievement. Find out more here.

On UK shores the first (unofficial) announcements from the UK Freestyle tour are starting to come out, however with the results as yet unconfirmed we will have to hold fire until the we hear it from the horses mouth. Although we do have news from the Slalom/Speed scene, it looks like Ant Baker has just about cleared up in almost every possible way. Becoming both the UK Slalom and Speedweek Champion for 2012. The BSA had a cracking tour this year with a lot of windy events so we are assuming Fanatic/North will be happy with his work and will no doubt see more about this soon.

With freestyle and Fanatic/North in the spotlight, we move over to Andre Paskowski and his next clip - Magic Moments. Truly moving, truly inspiring and make sure you can watch with sound, it is important to be able to feel the full effect of the film. Remember these are high quality expensive edits, with no budget from sponsors, it requires donations so we can see more like this -

Another quality edit comes from Austrian Freestyle weapon Alex Seyss. Having spent his summer months in Mauritius it looks like he scored great conditions and dialled some pretty top end moves. Take a look at this beutiful windsurfing paradise!

Some news from the EFPT, they\'ve signed a new sail sponsor - Sailloft. The brand seems to be pushing hard at the moment and you can read all about their new team member, their continuing team member and how Sailloft came about -

So you\'ve seen the pros in Fuerteventura, well now it is time to see what it is like trying to learn to freestyle there... ouch!

Finally, we wrap up with a trailer from two more Austrian riders, the Hauft brothers. Already well known in the windsurfing scene, these two are producing some nice edits from their travels and the Austrian scene itself. Check it out below and keep your eyes open for the full video coming soon.

Stay tuned as we bring you news from Tiree this afternoon.

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