Today we start off with windsurfing news that head the headlines, well at least the headlines in Dorset. The organisers behind the King of the Wind made the press yesterday and the online version is also ready to read - here. With the support from big figure heads within the industry, we are looking forward to this one. Remember tickets are still up for grabs for those that want to party and riders pre-entry closes on the 26th (just one week) - Judging by their facebook event and page, it sounds like the entries are rolling in.

Our first video for the day coems from a large Czech crew who found themselves spending a lot of time in Fuerteventura this summer. A nice trailer for their forthcoming movie about their trip...

Rocking around the social medai, more images are coming to light from the recent monster swell to hit the UK. Our headline image is of that session we reported about when Steve Thorp \'missed a trick\' by leaving the Cribber early. If you call this missing a trick then what did he head in to!! Photo - Paul Monnington.

Whilst down in Cornwall, it looks like the 5-Oceans crew scored amazing conditions, just check out this gallery.

Looking back at last weekend the results from the Formula racing have hit our screens, including this nice full length report about the event.

Next up Boujmaa has been hitting the spotlight, appearing in two feature movies to be released soon and this interview, he shows that his true motivation is windsurfing and despite injury, he will always focus on the next big move and the next big session. Very inspiring. Part of his travels for these new movies resulted in yet another injury for the windsurfing stuntman, after getting caught up in Teahupoo he had to be given the \'Lemon Treatment\'. If you are a little adverse to open wounds then look away now.

More news coming in from Tiree, here is a full report from the action yesterday and it looks like another early start today. Also Andy \'Bubble\' Chambers has been actively tweeting from the event, here is one of his latest snaps!

The final bit of news this morning comes from Starboard who are stoked to announce themselves as the 2012 Constructors Title winners. Check out their team photo here, with all their pro-riders.

The last video comes from elsewhere, we just couldn\'t resist showing this one!

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