Good morning all. Topping our news this morning are two big events that came to their conclusion this weekend; the Tiree Wave Classic and Aussie Kiss, the first student event of the year.

We\'ll kick off with the SWA as news is hot off the press just this morning. Initial reports/images show the event was as big, if not bigger, than ever, with 100\'s of students enjoying the weekends activities, including a whole load of demo kit, taster sessions, clinics from Colin and Marco, tow-in introductory sessions with Max Rowe and Adam Sims, tow-in competition, two big parties, a banana boat and more. Just check out all the intial event imagery from supersaturated - here.

XPLG were also on site and are already posting snaps on their facebook page about the event. These event organisers will be hosting the EFPT Centaur King of the Wind in just two weeks, which will see the best riders from Europe battle out on the shores of Weymouth for the final crown. There are two big party nights, so for those who enjoyed Aussie Kiss or those who missed out then up next is this event. Make sure you purchase your tickets ASAP because once they are sold outt, they are sold out! Buy online at

Moving on to our first video, a really nice one from John Skye who missed out on this years Tiree Wave Classic due to his expecting wife, Nayra Alonso.

Talking of Tiree, it seems light winds really did plague the event for the whole week. Extremely rare for this high wind destination, it looks like some competition was complete but the pro mens couldn\'t be finished. Head over to our sister site - to read all about it. We will bring you the updated and confirmed results soon, but for now check out all the latest images here and here.

Now for the latest Tiree videos, check out the ones that didn\'t quite make it to our screens on time due to the \'interesting\' internet arrangments on the island.

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Just to wrap up check out Si Crowther\'s shot from Cornwall yesterday, big swells hit the county and even some of the guys (Max Rowe, Adam Sims and Portsmouth Universities President, Carl Lobato) at Aussie Kiss made it out on Sunday morning whilst many students were still very much wrapped up in bed.

That\'s about it for this morning but we will be back this afternoon with more, join us then.

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