Welcome back for the later update of today.

Hitting our news this evening is two clips from Valentin Boeckler. The first is a rough cut of Steven Van Broeckhoven in PWA Sylt.

The second is from the night super session that the PWA managed to hold. The show was really impressive to watch and thousands lined the beach to get a view of the action, check out the action below...

Finally we wrap up this evening with two snippets, the first comes from the Jaguar/Neilpryde racing series who will soon be found in Nice for the next leg of their tour. This press comes direct from them:

The thrilling #JaguarNeilPryde racing series has started in Nice. Light winds to start with gave some really close racing but with the wind building the Super Final and LED night race look like being a real spectacle! Join in on Twitter @JAGUAR or Instagram by using hashtag #JaguarNeilPryde. For all the latest updates or to get involved, join us at https://sportbrake.jaguar.com/gl/en/ or visit www.jaguar-xf-sportbrake.

The second news snippet:

The American Windsurfing Tour will be holding their next event at Hookipa in Maui for the Maui Makani Classic and it\'s going to be live-streamed! For the first time ever, you will be able to watch the pros tear up Hookipa during their heats, live, on the internet! We aren\'t going to beat about the bush on this one, we are pretty damn excited! The link you will need is right here.

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