This afternoon our first clip comes from Arthur Arutkin who seems to be enjoying some Sessions Off. I nice sound track to this real world spot.

A couple of news snippets, the organisers behind the UK EFPT tour stop - The Centaur King of the Wind have come to an arrangement with Red Bull who will be supporting their night tow-in super session on Monday 5th November. The tow-in will run just before the fireworks display and huge crowds are expected as people gather to watch the spectacular pyrotechnical display laid on by the council each year. On top of that the organisers promise an awesome program of events, just check out their schedule page on and for those entering make sure you do so before the weekend to make the most of the discounted pre-entry fee. More on this tomorrow.

Heading over to France the EFE will kick off this weekend with their tour stop of the EFPT, exciting stuff as some of our Brits head abroad to take part. We will be sure to keep you posted about the event and how all the competitors are doing as the entry list is very sizeable!

Our main reason for heading over to France was to cover the Jaguar/Neilpryde racing series which saw it\'s stop in Nice this weekend just gone. The event had some great sailing conditions and a strong fleet. Check out the full report here. It was Julien Bontemps who really shone as he won the LED Night Race and the final Super Session.

Our video to wrap up with comes from the snowboarding scene in light of the upcoming Freeze Festival.

#FORUM Full-Length a Snowboarding video by Forum

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