Good morning all, we are going to switch the updates today and make the morning one a little shorter with this afternoon containing much more.

So to kick off, we have Levi Siver, the guy is sailing at an all time high and will be seen this week on the AWT Maui Makani Classic, a tour stop that brings us a Live Stream from Hookipa for the first time ever. In this clip we see Levi on form, pulling air takas over the most critical of sections. Exceptional riding!

Even more from Levi, Maui Nerd Productions caught up with him in this interview which also features Camille Juban and Keith Teboul. The AWT has some great additions to the tour this year, including Champions for Charity. This is where several pro-riders face each other live, then you get to pick the winner, in the end the money raised will go to the winners charity of choice. check it all out over on For now here is that interview clip.

It\'s a great weekend for live windsurfing as the EFE/EFPT tour stop in six-fours les plages kicks off tomorrow and will be hosted on their website live. More about that here.

That\'s about it for this morning but we will be back with plenty more this afternoon.

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