What a weekend for windsurfing! It looks like the three big competitions that were on scored outstanding conditions! You may notice we are just doing the one update today, a small technical issue meant we missed out this morning but we have a bumper one for this afternoon, so sit back and enjoy and we will be back to usual tomorrow.

So where do we start, well the AWT are calling their event as one of the greatest events in the history of windsurfing. A big call but the conditions were certainly firing and big moves were being thrown left, right and centre as 12ft swells hit the shores of Maui. There is plenty to follow on their website - americanwindsurfingtour.com. When you look at the line up the entry fleet really consists of a high class field from recent world champions to world champions from 10-20 years ago. The finals will see an epic showdown and you can follow it all live right now by clicking here. Although there are no daily video updates at the moment there are plenty of photos on their facebook page, click here. We do have one video however, this rigging video from Marcilio Browne.

From one nuking event to another, the EFPT saw 40-50 knot gusts in France over the weekend. Trees came down, mast high waves were seen just around the corner from the event site and Dieter Van Der Eyken took his first EFPT double elimination win. A particularly great effort as he had to beat Tonky Frans twice in the double elimination! There were some great results from others, including Davy Scheffers who charged back through the double up to 3rd place, only to be taken down by Dieter once again. Check out the action from day one below and more to follow soon.

On UK shores it Gwithian didn\'t see it\'s usual side off down the line conditions but it did receive some decent starboard tack side on winds. This threw a mix in the works for the overall rankings and opened the door to a few other potentials, in the end it was Jamie Hancock who took home the UK title after a great performance this weekend. James Cox also proved his talents by taking second place at the event. Check out all the snaps here and some nice updates over on our sister site boards.co.uk.

Our next video comes from the French wave sailor Sylvain Demercastel who gives us his tips about his favorite board.

Up next, if crashes are your thing, then this is certainly your thing!

Our final video is another awesome cut from team Neilpryde, this time from the epic PWA final showdown in Sylt.

Both the AWT and the EFPT are still up and running so be sure to head over to their respective websites to check them out live.

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