Good morning all, back to usual business today and we kick off with this nice edit sent in by the duo behind MacG productions. The very young and motivated Gustav Haggstrom often hits up his local spot with Markus Rydberg, however, being in the north of Europe the summer days are drifting away as the clocks turn to winter and the gloves are dusted off ready for action. Check out the clip below and follow their movements here.

Another duo comes from the freestyle scene, it looks like Julian Wiemar and Marco Lufen met up for an epic flat water session at Port La Nouvelle, here is the outcome.

More freestyle and the day two/three video of the current EFE/EFPT stop in France has been released. Strong winds battered the shores on the Sunday and the only person to make it out in the morning was UK freestyler Adam Sims, despite the coastguard not allowing competition to go ahead it looks like Sims went out to test the conditions. The afternoon saw a drop in the wind strength and so the double was complete, check the report here and the video below, including some action from the tow-in yesterday.

One event that just caught our eye, the Taranaki Wave Classic also scored epic conditions this weekend and Ferran Crespo took the title in the mast high sets. Check out the full report here.

Last but by no means least Kevin Pritchard stormed to victory in the Maui Makani Classic. Scenes from years gone by were witnessed as photographers and fans packed the shores of Hookipa these last days. There is a lot of motivation and excitment in the air as the sport progresses into the public eye. Check out the full report from Pro single elimination here and the video below.

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