Good morning all, top of our news for the weekend is the Centaur King of the Wind down in Weymouth. Having completed a single elimination, Davy Scheffers is currently winning the event and if things stay how they are then he is also in a strong position for the 2012 European Freestyle Pro Tour title. So far two highlight clips have come out from Josh Willmot for days one and two, you can check them out below.



There is also plenty of images over on GlobalShot Pictures facebook page and whilst you are there, check out the upcoming party action for tonight. Freebies, epic tunes from DJ Chubsey and a packed program for tow-in, check it all out on

Up next the double of the AWT was a hell of a showdown and the video is just as awesome. There\'s also a nice full report floating around, with pics, results and the low down of what went off in this outstanding event - click here.

Right our last video for this morning comes from the EFE organised video competition. Third place went to these guys.

Lastly, Emile Kott has been tearing up the south coast and making headlines at the same time, apparently it\'s been snowing... click here.

That\'s about it for this morning but head back soon and we will have more for you.

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