Good morning all, we\'ve got some cool videos today and plenty of news snippets so read on and enjoy.

The first video comes from Balz Muller and friends who hit up Switzerland for some heavy winter storm action. We are talking sideways snow, visibility that\'s about as good a mole\'s eyesight and choppy waters that would turn away even the most respected freestylers. Their response to this - "There\'s no such thing as bad weather, just bad wetsuits", we take it they certainly have the right ones then. Actually we are really inspired by this clip here at Boardseeker, they have some amazing shots towards the start of the video then some outstanding moves. Balz himself is a really progressive rider, he straps on his helmet and has no fear in the moves he tries. Going for everything that the best in the world are doing this is certainly worth a watch and he is certainly a young windsurfer to keep a close eye on...

On to speed sailing news now and on the first day of the Luderitz speed sailing challenge, Zara Davies has set a new speed sailing record for a production speed board. Well that\'s a pretty damn good start and now are expectations are high for the next targets. Amazing stuff as she pushes the level for womens speed sailing further and further. Check out the full report here.

Our next video comes from the AWT. Chris Freeman, a driving force behind Hot Sails Maui took the AWT Amateurs title for 2012, a great result for this hugely enthusiastic windsurfer as he travelled the world to achieve this goal. In this video, he reports about the final stop of the tour for the Amateurs, Masters, Kids and Ladies and shows off a few of his wave riding skills. A great result, a great event and a great video. Enjoy.

Talking of kids, the IFCA/EFPKT Pro Kids Tour seems to be suffering from slightly lighter winds during their event in Croatia, however this hasn\'t put a stop in the action for the youngsters. Grabbing the rare opportunity to get away from the event site a bit more, they visited a local aquarium, hit up some horse trails and capped it all off with a bit of mountain biking. Who says light winds can\'t be fun.

The French tour is another one that saw its finale this week. They had a good event and in the end the results for the slalom were, Julien Quentel in first place for the mens and Delphine Cousin for the womens. There was no valid result for the waves at the event but La Torche saw a winner and so a the French wave champions can be announced - Jules Denel in the mens and Astrid Muldoon in the womens dicipline.

Two videos from the event for our french readers.

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