This morning we start with the Goya windsurfing festival. Organised by Marcilio Browne, the now Maui local returned to Brazilian shores to inspire a new generation of windsurfers. Check out the action in this cool video clip.

Talking of Maui, we\'ve got secret insider out there at the moment, bringing us all the latest reports from the windsurfing mecca. Here\'s what they had to say "light winds and waves saw Philip Koster heading out at Camp One for a serious freestyle session; as mentioned in the Boards Wave Annual Koster is looking to enter the freestyle competitions next year and he looked to be loving the conditions and more than making the most of his time in Maui. Looks like a big swell with some good winds will hit on Saturday, with a lot of the big names about there should be some incredible shots to be seen very soon." Watch this space...

Although maybe you don\'t need to watch this space for too long as it looks like Jaws was going off recently already. Check out this really nice report with some exceptional photos about a first timers trip to the world famous wave spot.

From big waves to big jumps, this one will really make you want to cover your eyes as people have a go at the Wesh Centre kicker for the first time in the King of the Wesh competition. Just watch the video below... ouch!

Another spinny clip comes from Ollie Acton. A name that starts to crop up within the realms of UK freestyle, Ollie seems to be on a mission to conquer the student scene. With some stiff competition from the likes of Nicola Terenzi, it will be no easy feat.

Finally for this morning we have this trailer from Australia, some cool shots for what is to be a new windsurf movie from the land down under.

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