Good mroning all, top of the news this morning. Windsurfing is back in the Olympics, after all the fuss over the last 9 months, it was reinstated as if nothing had happened. Headlines in the UK are stating that it was a translation error during the initial vote that meant some countries cast the wrong vote. Easy mistake...

Rolling off that good news we kick start with our first video, this one comes from the Wesh crew, another stunt ramp edit, check it out.

Now for the bad news, well at least for the 2011 freestyle world champion, Steven Van Broeckhoven, it appears he smashed up his face last week whilst out shredding in Maui and needed quite a few stitches, it doesn\'t sound too great but our maui insider reveals that "he\'s looking much better and sailing again now, albeit avoiding getting his hair wet for the moment". The luxuries of being that good, you can choose to go out and keep your hair dry or not! We wish him a speedy recovery from all here at Boardseeker.

Next video, looks like the old F-dawwwg has been hitting headlines. That\'s Victor Fernandez to those a little more used to his actual name. the Vice Wave World Champion certainly seems to be making an impression, check it out.

We are a fan of this next guy here on Boardseeker. Markus Rydberg has been making some great edits alongside training partner Gustav Haggstrom. The edits get better and better and they\'ve had a couple of biggies as well, including \'This is Windsurfing\' for both waves and freestyle. We even featured the young Gustav not so long ago and now Markus has been in touch with a new one. Their level continues to improve in both their windsurfing and editing, great work guys.

Lastly, we turn back to Maui to the Pritchard brothers who have thrown this clip out there showing them soaring high above the world famous reef. Check it out and join us later for more...

photo - Jimmie Hepp

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