It\'s all happening in the world of speed at the moment, and particularly so within Namibia where titles are being smashes left right and certain.

Starting off with a UK windsurfer, the legend that is Farrel O\'shea has smashed his own UK speed record from 2008 and that was only on 5.8. We are awaiting the day where smaller sails will be used. Here is what Farrel had to say about it and about his time down in Namibia at the moment - "it\'s very interesting here..quite an eye opener?! I have just broken my existing UK windsurf record ,which has stood since St Marie in 2008. The overall uk record is also now safley back in the hands of windsurfing, as it has once again overtaken the time of the UK kiters, (temporarily if nothing else - :) right). If we get more wind everone will go faster,so far ive only used 5.7, and for sure we will see one of the big hitters pass the holy 50 knot grail! I\'m using a simmer style 5.7 speed and a production Mistral 41 speed board.."

Well as it happens Mr O\'shea, your words came true and right after we received the above quote, Anders Bringdal official smashed the 50 knot barrier! Great news for the world of windsurfing at the moment as we not only secure the Olympics once again but take back speed records left, right and centre.

Welllll... almost. Further news came in after both of the above today to say that one man and his boat had gone a little further and peaked at over 60 knots! 60 knots!!! We checked the date and it is certainly not the 1st April, so read on and find out more for yourself. Congratulations to all and here\'s the 60 knot boat in action...

For our windsurfing video in the PM update today we have Stam Promponas and his Aeolic summer for you.

Further afield we have something that shows the pros not always getting it right... ouch!

Photo - Pete Davis

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