Mousilmani/Williams K Pritchard/Matt Pritchard Big stalled forward from Cyril Mousilimani in front of Williams first wave ride. KP gets good wave with backside stuff, tries Taka Mousilmani, gets good wave goes front side and throws plenty of spray, and shuv it Williams on good waves, good smack MP big backside aerial, KP blags big backie. Williams milking section ahead of mous. Tail slide by matt pritchard. Kevin getting some really good waves. Both gettgin big waves, matt choses one of the bigger one, but he hits it backside before it closes out so cant do anything.

K Pritchard and Ross Williams through to next round

Next heats Baker Levi, Scottie, Vidar Nice wave with backside turns from Siver . Pusihie by baker but it is closer! Baker choses big set in the onshore conditions, he waits for it to bowl over. But it turns to muck, and has to hit it backside. Baker gets an aerial. Levi gets a tweaked aerial, Baker responds with some good slashy stuff.

McKercher waits out the back, stalling to wait for a good set to come in. gets some good front side smacks in.

Baker milking waves well all the way from the outside. Gybes on a wave with 10 seconds left as Siver scores a big stalled forward, with baker on the wave as the heat finishes. Siver also managed to get one in time.

Mckercher and Baker through

Josh Angulo/ Victor Fernandez Julien Taboulet,/Swifty.

Wind picks up and swings slightly cross shore. Victor huge stalled forward, best forward of the day. Taboulet on Red Prydes, Swifty on Blue. Victor charges into a wave on his return to a beach. Angulo gets a late turn in. Angulo Pushie Victor tweaked pushie, but not landed Angulo good wave selection Big backloop from Angulo, has to chicken gybe next wave to avoid pounding. Swift not really pulling out stops in the first half of the heat. Swifty heads out looking for jumps and can see a ramp, takes off for a decent backie. Fernandez heading out, one handed very tweaked one handed ninja kick landed perfectly. Two jumps to count Angulo goes down on Table Top Swifty milks waves as much as possible. Taboulet stalls out back waiting for a set. Finds one right out the back. Fernandez pushie with a tweak. Swift looking for a jump, Double forward just blags landing. Fernandez struggles in the white water in the dying minutes but has 3 big jumps

Brazinho v Skye, Jonas v Kauli Skyeboy heads out looking for a jump Brazinho on a Naish Force Wet Pushie from Skye, high Brazinho betters it – skyes. Brazinho gybes onto a wave and takes it backside. He loves the backside gets a tweaked aerial. Skye looks for a set and starts milking the swell waiting for it to jack up, ends up eating it Kauli and Brazinho both gybe on the same wave, Brazinho pulls out. Kauli hits some backside smacks as skye skies another wet pushie. Kauli finds himself in the white water Skye nails a forward Brazinho spanked in the backwash Skye then pulls out a double forward, second of the day. Kauli does a huge clew first backie and lands perfectly. Ceballos turns up gets a pushie. Kauli gets some frontside turns and hits a vertical section. Skye takes a wave into the pocket and gets a good smack, Skye tries taka on the inside but goes down. Brazinho slides his way round the wave behind and just holds on. Skye gets a stalled forward, but is not really getting the extra height in the jumps. Skye manages to get on a wave as the flag goes down, so it will count

Browne beats Skye Angulo beats Victor

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Photo Credit: Ben Proffit