Well it certainly seems like speed is well and truly on the cards this week. More updates coming in from those world record results. It seems that it wasn\'t just Anders Bringdal who smashed the 50 knot barrier, but also Antoine Albeau. In fact the official results show that Albeau currently holds the highest speed with 50.62 knots! Check out a gallery of this record breaking day right here.

The first video of the day comes from none other than Victor Fernandez who\'s been out testing the latest quad and tri-fin boards from Fanatic. Just check out that rocket backloop at 1.32!

Following on from those kind of skills is pretty hard but we\'ve rustled up a couple more videos which certainly come close. This one, from the freestyle scene, is produced and features Malte Hecht. The german sailloft rider is ripping at his homespots in Norderny, Germany and proves that going away to train isn\'t always essential. We love this edit and the moves are just as great, certainly worth a watch.

Another one from around the same locations is this, the 5th place in the EFE video contest.

The contest resulted in some great videos and was a part of the EFPT stop in France. The team were blessed with some great conditions and more news still comes from there, including this awesome gallery of shots from all the riders, including event winner Dieter Van der Eyken and 2012 European Champion Davy Scheffers.

Talking of Davy Scheffers, it looks like he has signed up to a new team, which includes the likes of Max Matissek. Donate genereously as these windsurfers sacrifice their upper lip to the growth of hair throughout the whole of MOvember. Check it out here.

Finally, if you haven\'t already seen this then you literally HAVE to watch it. The Red Bull media house pulled out all the stops with this one!

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