Good morning all, plenty of news today and again speed sailing is right up there.

Plenty more videos still coming out from Namibia, including this behind the scenes look at the \'event site\'. Filmed and produced by dutch speed sailor Jurjen Van der Noord.

If you fancy knowing a bit more about speed and how to go fast, then this is probably the most useful blog out there. Pretty \'techers\' stuff but some interesting findings going on in the desert. Click here to read more.

Trying to move away from speed a little bit now, we decided to head in to the waves. Being a huge fan of Levi Siver, we dug up this little beauty from the Oxbow Walls of Perception. This is just Levi\'s segment, absolutely awesome!

Also on the cards is this video. Ok it\'s not the highest quality edit but we like it still as it shows a great angle; good for learning moves and seeing how you really throw yourself around the kit... The good news, you can get your hands on the harness mount as K4 have gone into production making them for all to get their hands on. Find out more here.

Heading round a few of the pros in the UK and surrounding areas now. First up, Adam Sims has updated us with more on his driving mission around Europe including organising the King of the Wind, a nice photo gallery and signing up to the a new sail brand Sailloft. Talking of new sign ups, Jamie Drummond has now officially moved to Severne and he seems pretty stoked about the decision, we\'ve also received a nice video from his time on Fuerteventura. Check it out below. Before we head to the video though, Mikey Clancy has been on the interweb about his recent sessions, looks like he\'s been scoring untouched waves at home, we\'re not jealous at all... Lastly Max Mattisek from Austria has been hitting the national press, right here.

Finally we finish today with something that should make you laugh, although you\'ll need the sound switched on to really appreciate the full effects.

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