Good morning all, we\'ve litreally got videos coming out our ears, so if you are in the mood for a few then read on.

First however, let\'s rattle through a few updates. Some exciting news from the Dunkerbeck family who have a new addition to announce, Daniel Dunkerbeck Morales was born two days ago at 0400 and weighed in at 3020 grams and 50 cm tall. Mother Maria and Daniel are tip top and that now makes a six of them in total. Great news and congratulations from us all here at boardseeker.

Moving on to another PWA star, Steven Van Broeckhoven recently had 8 stitches to his face, well it looks like Katie McAnena has been pulling out her surgeon skills and dived in at the opportunity to remove the stitches. Check out the photo here. Word on the street is that there is a video kicking around and it\'s pretty funny, we\'ll see if we can get our hands on it, in the meantime enjoy what\'s comng up.

To kick off the videos we have this awesome one from the River Gorge, it also highlights the new Xensr Case project. The fund raising plan is to produce this sensor that you can stick to your iPhone to track your sessions, literally move for move. Find out more about it here.

Another cool clop, this one comes from the Black Sea. It looks like there are some pretty decent wave spots down there and some good windsurfers also. Check it out.

Lena Erdil is next. Talking about the Namibia Speed challenge, she finds herself beating records, then being beaten, then beating them again as she battles to be the fastest women on the planet. Quite a cool look at what kit they use, how many boards she and Patrik Diethelm took with them and the life around the event.