Good morning all, topping our news at the start of this week is the final event video from the EFPT Centaur King of the Wind, produced by Josh Willmot/Blacklab. An outstanding edit to say the least and make sure you keep watching for the night tow-in part. Find out more about the event on So without further ado...

But that\'s not all. The final video from EFPT/EFE France is out as well. This is also another epic edit by the likes of Pertusato Films and is also well worth the watch.

Another event that happened recently was the Jump and Ride II in Croatia. What seems like quite a hot spot at the time of the year, Croatia has seen some great conditions for their recent events, which also included the EFPKT in Premantura.

Ok so maybe there is anothe bit of news that perhaps sits above all of the above... Yes the speed record has been smashed again by Anders Bringdal and a repeat of history saw Antoine Albeau on the following run chase him down to take the world title back with a whopping 51.69 knots! Namibia is well and truly producing the goods as now five people have joined the 50 knots club, including Patrik Diethelm who steps into 3rd overall, just behind Bringdal. What\'s more, Bjorn Dunkerbeck arrives on Wednesday and no doubt he certainly has a fire in his belly that will put everyone on their toes. The desert maybe hot, but it\'s just about to get hotter. Read all about the latest happenings here. For those that want to follow it a little more and learn a bit about what all the numbers and figures mean should certainly head over to this website -

Check out a nice interview with Anders Bringdal below.